A State Within Temporary Borders Plus 

 Preempting a 'White Intifada’

Middle East / Outrageous, Inspired, Inevitable

Principles of Warfare in the Densely Populated Areas of the Arab Non-State Entities

Political Expectations and Cultural Perceptions in the Arab-Israeli Peace Negotiations

How Arafat and Sharon Make Decisions? A Decision-Theoretic Analysis

Evidence of Polythink?: The Israeli Delegation at Camp David 2000

Al Qaeda as a Dune Organization: Toward a Typology of Islamic Terrorist Organizations

Cooperative Networks of Arabs and Jews in the Context of Economic Business Entrepreneurship

Participation Without Presence: Hamas, the PA and the Politics of Negotiated Coexistence

Tactical Prevention of Suicide Bombings in Israel

The Network State: Triangular Relations In Middle Eastern Politics

The Pragmatic Dimension of the Palestinian Hamas: A Network Perspective

Hamas: The Agony of Victory

Trust Or Contract? Negotiating Formal And Informal Agreements In The Arab-israeli Peace Process

Coalition Formation In the Arab World: An Analytical Perspective

Israel and the PLO: A Game with Differential Information

Nationalism Through Localism: Some Observations on the West Bank Political Elite

Palestinian Voting in The West Bank: Electoral Behavior in a Traditional community without Sovereignty

Spatial Models and Centrality of International Communities

'Paper War'- WordsBehind Stones:The Intifada Leaflets

What Happened to Suicide Bombings in Israel? Insights from a Terror Stock Model

The PLO and Israel From Armed Conflict to Political Solution, 1964-1994

Place As A Source Of Identity In Colonizing Societies: Israeli Settlements In Gaza

Hamas looks to join PLO, marking major unification step

Communal Dimensions of the Arab Spring: State and Non-State Logics in Current Middle East Politics

Revolution in the Making

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